Worldcon Q&A Sessions at SMOFCon 40 Posted

Past and current Worldcons and bids for future Worldcons gave presentations and took questions from the members of SMOFCon 40, the convention about running SF&F genre conventions, on the evening of December 2, 2023 in Providence, Rhode Island. Courtesy of SMOFCon 40’s sponsoring organization, MCFI, we have uploaded video of all of the presentations to a Playlist thumbnail: SMOFCon 40 Worldcon Q&A Sessions playlist on the YouTube Worldcon Events channel.

There were presentations from the following Worldcons and bids:

None of the other bids that have previously announced interest and that are currently listed on our Worldcon bids page (Tel Aviv in 2027, Brisbane in 2028, Texas in 2031, Minneapolis in 2073) had representatives at SMOFCon 40.