For Convention Centers and Visitor Bureaus

Every so often we are contacted by travel industry people from around the world asking how they can bring Worldcon to their city. It is great that you are interested in the convention, but Worldcon is a fan-run, non-profit (“SMERF” in meeting and convention jargon) convention run entirely by volunteers. You can’t run the event without a large and enthusiastic group of fans who will do a lot of work to make it happen. You can help then a lot. They will need money, and help negotiating contracts with convention centers and hotels is always useful. But you generally need them to come to you first, because unless they have the necessary drive and enthusiasm the convention won’t work.

The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) does not have a Board of Directors. The site of our annual convention is not selected by a Board or by an Executive Committee. Sites are selected by a vote of all of the members of the current convention, two years in advance, and campaigns to host a Worldcon typically start anywhere from two to ten years in advance of the election year. Bids are presented by groups that want to put in the large amount of volunteer effort necessary to organize the event. If you are a convention bureau that would like to see Worldcon come to your city, contact groups in your local area that organize volunteer-run science fiction conventions. Partnering with a local volunteer SF/F fan group will be the best way to bring Worldcon to you.