Worldcon Bids

Here is a list of groups currently bidding (seriously) to hold a Worldcon. For more information about Worldcon bids and how the process works, see here.

The Worldcon website does not conduct the elections to choose Worldcon sites.  There is no Board of Directors or other small group that selects Worldcon sites. The members of Worldcon vote on where to hold the Worldcon two years in advance. The elections are run by each year’s administering Worldcon. Although the Worldcon website team can answer general questions about Worldcon site selection, more specific questions about site selection, eligibility to vote, etc. are the responsibility of the convention that is administering the election to choose that Worldcon.

When bids we previously listed fold, go on “hiatus”, or otherwise stop bidding, we display them here in strikethrough type.

If you represent a Worldcon bid and want to submit new or updated information about your bid to this site, use our contact form.

Listing of bids on this site does not imply endorsement of the bid by WSFS. The appearance of a bid on the ballot for a given year’s election does not imply endorsement by WSFS or by the administering Worldcon. The selection of sites is entirely up to the members of Worldcon who vote on Worldcon site Selection.

2023 Worldcon Bids

The deadline for filing a bid to host the 2023 Worldcon is February 26, 2021. Only bids filed by this date with DisCon III, the 2021 Worldcon, will appear on the ballot. Bids filed after this date can still win, but only as write-in candidates.

2024 Worldcon Bids

2025 Worldcon Bids

2026 Worldcon Bids

2073 Worldcon Bids

It is traditional at Worldcon for groups to run hoax bids, often for imaginary places, as an excuse to hold parties. A list of current hoax bids can be found here.