Worldcon Bids

Here is a list of groups currently bidding (seriously) to hold a Worldcon. For more information about Worldcon bids and how the process works, see here.

2019 Worldcon Bids

2020 Worldcon Bids

2021 Worldcon Bids

  • DC in 2021
  • Dallas/Fort Worth in 2021 (Bid withdrawn August 2016)
  • Boston in 2021 (Bid withdrawn June 2017)

2022 Worldcon Bids

  • Chicago in 2022
  • Doha, Qatar in 2022

2023 Worldcon Bids

2024 Worldcon Bids

2025 Worldcon Bids

  • Pacific Northwest in 2025
  • Perth, Australia in 2025

2073 Worldcon Bids

It is traditional at Worldcon for groups to run hoax bids, often for imaginary places, as an excuse to hold parties. A list of current hoax bids can be found here.