The Hugo Award
(Science Fiction Achievement Award)

[updated 9 December 2005]
The Hugo Award was named in honor of Hugo Gernsback, "The Father of Magazine Science Fiction," as he was described in a special award given to him in 1960.

The Hugo Award, also known as the Science Fiction Achievement Award, is given annually by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The distinguishing characteristics of the Hugo Award are that it is sponsored by WSFS, administered by the committee of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) held that year, and determined by nominations from and a popular vote of the membership of WSFS. In general, a Hugo Award given in a particular year is for work that appeared in the previous calendar year.

The information below covers the Hugos and three other types of awards: the Campbell Award, Special Awards, and the Gandalf Award.

The John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the Best New Writer is administered by the Worldcon Committee and determined by the same nomination and voting mechanism as the Hugo. The Campbell Award was originally sponsored by Condé Nast Publications and Davis Publications in 1979. In 1993 sponsorship of the Cambell Award was assumed by Dell Magazines.

Special Awards are determined directly by a Worldcon Committee without any popular nominations or vote.

The Gandalf Award was an award which, like the Campbell Award, was administered by the Worldcon Committee and determined by the Hugo nomination and voting mechanism. It was sponsored by Lin Carter and S.A.G.A. (The Swordsmen and Sorcerers' Guild of America, Ltd.) and was awarded in 1974 through 1980 inclusive.

Present WSFS rules allow the Hugo nomination and voting mechanisms to be used only for the Hugo Award and the Campbell Award.

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